VeinteMundos is your free online Spanish magazine that is published every two months on On the homepage of this website, your ad will appear under the category entitled, “Schools”. With its different versions VeinteMundos covers the needs of German, English, and French speaking persons who want to learn Spanish. Currently we receive more than 25.000 visits per month.

- Reach your target group; all of our readers are motivated to learn Spanish
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You have the option of posting two different types of ads: Text Links and Square Links. Once posted, your advertisement(s) will appear on all three versions of VeinteMundos (German, English, French) under the tab labeled, “Schools”. Here you can visit the current school directory.

- 40 character description
- Organized by country and city
- Freedom to create your own text
- Duration: 1 year
- Price: 80 USD 64 USD (less than 6 USD per month)

- 125×125 pixel square of your own design
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- Example:

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